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Are you looking for patient-focused eyecare? Here at Zaker Optometry, our ophthalmologists and staff put you and the health of your eyes first with a variety of optometry services, including general eye care, contact lens exams, and diabetic and pediatric eye exams. We also offer the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and glaucoma.
Female optometrist giving an eye test

General Eye Care

You don’t have to wear glasses or contacts to get an eye exam. In fact, for those who don’t need an eye correction prescription, you should visit an eye care professional every two to three years just to make sure you’re not developing any eye problems.
For those who do wear corrective lenses, you’ll need an eye exam every one to two years to keep your prescription up-to-date and make sure you aren’t developing common eye problems, like glaucoma, cataracts, or dry eye.
Patient getting an eye exam in Newport Beach

Contact Lens Exam

Contacts can make vision correction simpler because all you have to do is put them in your eyes in the morning and remove them at night. Our contact lens exams include checking your visual acuity, writing your contact lens prescription, and fitting your new lenses. We can also write a prescription for glasses at the same time as your contact lens exam.
Girl getting her vision checked at Newport Beach

Pediatric Eye Care

Good vision is essential for learning and development. We recommend that all school-aged children receive an exam prior to the start of each school year. This can help diagnose vision issues so that they can get the vision correction they need to be able to read and see the board.
Doctor examining senior suffering from diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic/Medical Eye Exam

If you have diabetes, you’ll need more frequent eye exams due to your increased risk for diabetic retinopathy. Our diabetic eye exams check your visual acuity and for common eye health problems. We also perform dilated eye exams to check the health of the back of your eye to determine if you are developing diabetic retinopathy.

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a chronic eye condition that causes progressive vision loss over time. It affects the sharp, central vision needed for activities like reading and driving, rendering these tasks difficult. 

Dry Eye

Dry eyes cause eye pain, itching, and redness. If you suspect your eyes are dry, our eye doctor can check your eyes and recommend drops or creams to help alleviate your symptoms.
Woman with myopia


Do you have problems seeing things at a distance? Individuals who are nearsighted can read menus and other items up close but cannot see at a distance. Our eye doctor can diagnose your nearsightedness and write you a prescription for corrective lenses.

Senior suffering from farsightedness


If you can only read by fully extending your arms, you may be farsighted. Our eye doctor performs both near and far-distance tests that can diagnose farsightedness. Then, we can write a prescription for corrective lenses so that you can read up close.

Old woman with presbyopia


Presbyopia is a condition that develops after the age of 40. It is due to the lens of the eye becoming less flexible. This can make it hard to read things up close. Our eye doctor can diagnose presbyopia and recommend the right vision correction for you.


Astigmatism refers to an eye condition in which the eye is unable to focus light onto one specific point in the retina. As a result, objects may look blurry or shadowed at greater distances. Our optometrists have employed numerous techniques over time to remedy astigmatisms, such as eyeglasses and special contact lenses designed for improving vision.
Senior suffering from glaucoma


Glaucoma occurs when the pressure inside your eyes increases. This can damage your optical nerve and lead to severe vision loss and even blindness.
One of our eye health services in Newport Beach involves testing your eyes for increased pressure. If you do have high eye pressure, we can give you a prescription for eye drops that will help lower the pressure inside your eyes.


Cataracts are cloudy spots on the lens inside your eye. When they first start developing, they can cause blurry vision. As they progress, you may notice a dimming of colors.
Glasses and contacts can help correct your vision in the early stages. Later stages may require cataract surgery to fully restore your vision.
Person undergoing refractive surgery at Newport Beach


LASIK surgery can help correct your vision so that you do not have to wear glasses or contacts. This involves reshaping your cornea so that light gets refracted correctly onto the back of your eye. Our eye doctor can examine your eyes to determine if you’d make a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery.


Pterygium causes an abnormal growth of fibrovascular conjunctival tissue and cells over the eyeball’s normally clear cornea resulting in blurry vision, redness, irritation, and an altered shape to the eye. People suffering from this condition may need to use special eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to optimize their eyesight.


Blepharoplasty surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the eyelids. It may involve the removal of excess skin and fat, repositioning and restructuring certain elements around the eyes, or a combination of both. It can also create a more youthful upper face aesthetic with improved lid tone and symmetry.


Our fully stocked optical eye center has numerous styles of glasses and sunglasses frames. Once you pick out your frames, we can ensure they are sized correctly and place the order for your corrective lenses. We can also order contact lenses in our optical department.

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If you need optometry service in Newport Beach, look no further than Zaker Optometry. Led by a top eye doctor, Dr. Farley, we strive to only offer the best eye care to all our patients. To make an appointment for one of our eye care services in Newport Beach, give us a call today at 949-877-7738.

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