Dry Eye Treatment in Newport Beach

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions in the United States. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential to provide relief and prevent ocular damage from this often debilitating eye condition.

Zaker Optometry Newport Beach is a leading ophthalmology facility delivering high-quality eye care services, including treatment of dry eyes. Our board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists have the education, training, and experience to provide dry eye exams and treatment for our patients.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to keep the front surface of the eye moist. 

Having dry eyes can be a natural function of aging, but it is not uncommon to see in younger patients, especially contact lens wearers. Although it impacts both men and women, it is more prevalent in women after menopause. Dry eyes may also be associated with autoimmune diseases (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or Sjogren's Syndrome), from taking certain medications, and environmental conditions such as living in dry, dusty, or windy climates with low humidity.

Middle age woman suffering from dry eyes.

Signs and Symptoms

Some common signs and symptoms that may indicate dry eyes include:

  • Scratchy or sandy feeling in the eye
  • Foreign body sensation in the eye
  • Stinging or burning
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Stringy mucus
  • Eye redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is when the meibomian glands that line the upper and lower eyelids become blocked and do not secrete enough oil into the tear film. The oil layer in the tear film is essential to prevent tears from evaporating off the front surface of the eye. A lack of oil secretion can cause dryness. About 86% of dry eye syndrome is due to MGD.

Dry Eye Exam with Our Dry Eye Ophthalmologist Specialists

Our Newport Beach dry eye doctors will begin with a thorough eye exam in order to check for dry eyes. They will thoroughly examine your eyelids and the front surface of your eye to make an accurate assessment of the severity of your dry eye syndrome.

Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

After conducting a thorough dry eye evaluation, our doctors will come up with a specific treatment plan to help treat, manage, and relieve the symptoms associated with your dry eyes. Most treatment for dry eye syndrome focuses on relieving the symptoms. However, our doctors will help you find a customized treatment and management plan to not only relieve symptoms but try to solve the foundational issue of dry eye syndrome as well. to help control dry eye. 

Some common treatments include:

  • Use of artificial tears  
  • Use of ointments
  • Meibomian gland expression (home treatment or in-office)
  • Surgical intervention to close the tear drainage ducts in more severe cases
Senior getting dry eye treatment at Newport Beach.

A Trusted Dry Eye Care Specialist in Newport Beach

If you are looking for a highly qualified, experienced eye care specialist who specifically deals with patients suffering from dry eye syndrome in Newport Beach, then contact Zaker Optometry Newport Beach. Our doctors are board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists with an extensive background in providing eye care services for patients suffering from dry eyes, as well as treating ocular diseases, and providing exceptional operative care.

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